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To try to garner votes for the upcoming local elections they intend to have a blitz on litter. After leaving our streets untouched for three months they will be cleaned in the run-up to May. They must think we’re daft to fall for that one.

Lack of cabs

After the murder of Sarah Everard, London’s Mayor vowed to protect women when travelling around the city. At the same time, Sadiq Khan has taken 9,000 perfectly serviceable cabs off the road. By my calculations that means nearly half-a-million fewer available journeys per week. Just saying.

No Fireworks

So what did you think of London’s New Year’s fireworks? I thought Sydney and Dubai were pretty good. Can’t say I liked London’s much.


Our most precious things in life are our children, so why do the eco-warriors in London persist on transporting them on their bikes? Today, I saw one which had a plastic cradle attached to the handlebars with a 3-year-old perched on top.

A silent W

“Haitfield House, Sowth Wawlk” was the instruction when he got into the cab, and continued his conversation with a colleague about futures, options and takeovers with an accent of Received English which would have made Brian Sewell sound like Del Boy. South Walk? “I’m not sure where Hatfield House is”, I ask. My passenger informs me that it might be Stamford Street. “Oh! Southwark”, with a silent W.