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Toilet Roll Turmoil

Something which is guaranteed to irritate me are toilet rolls. Go a an 3-star hotel owned by an international chain, and the underpaid room maids have been instructed to fold the paper in a triangle. Why? Another irritation is that when cretins replace a roll, they put a new roll onto the holder on the bathroom wall, arranging it so the paper does not hang in the air at the front, but is hung at the back, where it soon gets stuck to the wet bathroom wall. And while I’m on the subject I’ve noticed Waitrose are now selling for £9.50, Andrex Classic Clean Mega Toilet Roll XL Longer Rolls Big Pack12 after the manufacturer has been reducing the roll’s size for a decadeSeems like a sensible proposition to me.

Equality Streets

Recently I’ve come across Equality Streets, a website devoted to the assumption that motorists and pedestrians don’t need to be told when they should proceed at junctions.

According to Martin Cassini, over 20,000 humans are killed or hurt on our roads every year – many of them children – from that he asserts that the current system could hardly claim to be a success.

We complain about the traffic and blame other drivers, but could the real problem be the system itself?

Traffic lights take our eyes off the road, a recipe for danger. They make us stop when we could go, a recipe for rage. They cost the earth to install and run.

What happens when lights are out of action and we are free to use our own judgement? We approach carefully and filter sociably. As courtesy thrives, congestion dissolves.

A system based on equality removes the “need” for most traffic control, and the need for speed, allowing all road-users to use commonsense and common courtesy to filter more or less in turn, and merge in harmony.

Seems like a sensible proposition to me.

St. Thomas’ Hospital

Licensed black cabbies dropping off sick and elderly patients at St. Thomas’ Hospital have been allowed THREE-MINUTES to drop-off and pick-up following a raft of fines dished out to cabbies. Penalty Charge Notices had been issued for dropping patients and hospital visitors at the London hospital. Frustrated cabbies received the fines after allowing passengers to disembark at the foot of the ramp leading into the hospital’s car park. Now 180 seconds are allowed to disembark a patient in a wheelchair.

Save Bastion House

Acampaign has been launched to save two historic buildings from demolition. The City of London Corporation wants to demolish Bastion House and the Museum of London and replace them with a 780,000 sq ft office block. Almost 90 per cent of local residents have voted for an alternative to demolition. Should Bastion House be replaced with yet another office block creating a net increase in carbon dioxide, when more are working from home?

Uber’s economic reality

Apoint often overlooked in Uber media coverage is that in 12 years of operation the ride-hailing app is yet to produce a dollar of positive cash flow. As of the end of 2021, Uber’s ongoing car and delivery services had produced GAAP net losses of $31bn.

The other too frequently untold truth is that rather than being a beacon of transportation progress, Uber is actually a substantially less efficient, higher-cost producer of urban car services than the traditional taxi operators it has driven out of business. Uber’s business model has never had any ability to profitably produce very large-scale operations at prices the market is willing to pay.

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