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We just learned a new word: Effluvia: ‘an unpleasant or harmful odour or discharge’. Homes across London remain at risk of being flooded by effluvia as a result of the capital’s Victorian sewage system and heavy rainfall. The London Flood Review concluded current infrastructure is unfit for purpose, especially in extreme weather. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Come fly with me

Sadiq Khan has defended his recent 7,000-mile flight to a climate change conference in Argentina stating that “his commercial flight to Buenos Aires, via São Paulo, was powered by sustainable aviation fuel”. It is calculated that he has flown the equivalent of twice around the world during his tenure, whilst lecturing us to avoid driving in London.

Cabbie, what does an Iambic Pentameter sound Like?

On 1st October 2021, Transport for London changed how they assess London PHV drivers’ English language skills and introduced a requirement for drivers to show an understanding of safety, equality and regulatory matters. Drivers have to satisfy the English Language Requirement by taking and passing a new speaking and listening test. It is proposed that these requirements are to be extended to cabbies. Throughout The Knowledge of London, the applicant must sit more than TEN face-to-face oral exams to display their knowledge of the road network. It is preposterous that London cabbies are required to undertake the English Language test. By completing the KoL Taxi Drivers have demonstrated they have a topographical knowledge of London and a command of the English Language.

Khan’s critics

Sadiq Khan has recently announced that there have been 230,000 racist tweets directed at him. Two questions arise from that disclosure: why would nearly a quarter of a million think the mayor deserves a tweet about his ethnicity when there’s plenty to criticise on his ability to run London? And is he employing staff, at our expense, to supply him with statistics about nasty things said about London’s most useless leader?

The Yanks are back

The fact that the dollar now buys you twice the number of Chinese made Big Ben snow globes than it did this time last year (and tax free shopping is now back for tourists), means that US tourists ‘are flocking to our shores’ and will probably continue to do so right up to the King’s Coronation sometime next year – incidentally they should announce the date to give hotels time to jack up prices. This means we’ll probably continue to see even more luxury hotels going up in the West End over the next few years, and more heritage parts of London destroyed, which ironically is why the Americans visit the Motherland.