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Mini break

The annual London to Brighton Mini Run looks set to leave London. Sadiq Khan’s expansion of the ULEZ zone means entrants will be charged £25 as many stay overnight necessitating two charges. Expect many London attractions to leave the capital next year.

Night tippers

At least we’re still tipping cabbies. A survey by payment app Lopay analysed 57,816 fares paid to more than 2,000 taxi and private hire drivers in London found that the average taxi tip is a relatively healthy 10 per cent (or £3.10). However, the study also found that while ‘passengers are most likely to leave a tip in the evening, between 7pm and midnight’ the worst hours for tipping were ‘recorded between midnight and 5am’. Not sure we can put that down to ‘cultural and political frustrations’, or just drunkenness.

Four day week

Proof that no one goes into the office on a Friday any more, City A.M. has ceased publishing its Friday print edition.

We’re number one

According to Inrix, London topped the global congestion ranking for the second year in a row. The study, which looked at more than 1,000 cities across 50 countries, showed that London’s drivers spent an average of 156 hours sitting in traffic in 2022, and that the amount of time lost to traffic jams is 5 per cent above pre-coronavirus levels.

Stamp out bureaucracy

This year I’ve used up all my old definitive stamps, sending my Christmas cards before they force us to use barcoded monstrosities from February, now only six days away. Perversely Christmas non-barcoded are still valid for another six months. Before politicians in their wisdom, broke up Royal Mail, we could have exchanged them in the post office instead of downloading the appropriate form and sending it off.