Peeping Tom

Londoners should have learnt to ignore the anaemic hallucinations plastered on new-build hoardings. They usually contain the same components – a city bathed in permanent sun, populated by adults of unidentifiable ages who stroll aimlessly through the landscaped parkland surrounding their new apartments, with not a high-rise social housing building in the vicinity. Most worryingly in these CGI renders is the implied position of the viewer – frequently these images show the dappling of trees or foliage creeping into frame, suggesting the impoverished onlooker gazes at these people from behind a tree or bush. They are rich, smugly unaware of onlookers. We are perverts. Peeping Toms watching a development paradise.

4 thoughts on “Peeping Tom”

  1. Yes, an interesting observation. But are not our lives now a series peeps into once hidden areas? Thanks to all the internet social media cloud noise, we can see what everyone is doing, having for lunch, complaining about, being influenced by, manipulated ever so lovingly to get depressed at our shortcomings.


    1. I’ve never that before, yes, you’re right we are now open books to whoever wants to read about our activities or thoughts. Thanks for the comment.


  2. In the 1980s, I remember going to look at the new housing estate in Beckton, with a view to buying a house. They had glossy brochures painting a picture of an idyllic life on the edge of East London. The reality was completely different of course. A huge building site on the reclaimed marshland, bordered by busy congested roads, and with no infrastructure in place.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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