The City is slowing down

The City of London Corporation’s most senior decision-making body, the Court of Common Council, has voted to make the Square Mile the first area in the UK with a 15mph speed limit, subject to government approval. This means the fastest form of transport in the financial centre of London will be an electric scooter.

8 thoughts on “The City is slowing down”

    1. Nowadays, even at midnight you could be in traffic travelling at 15mph. Yes it’s getting worse. Thanks for the comment (I just hope any apostrophe is correctly placed after reading your posts!)

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    2. Orl Korrect.
      To my shame, I constantly write ‘it’s’ meaning ‘belonging to it’ in my first drafts. I’m sure I haven’t always made this mistake…
      Or perhaps I didn’t bother to edit my messages back then.


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