April’s Monthly Musings

Cab News

Tomorrow taxi fares are set to increase by 5.5 per cent in a bid to stem the number of drivers quitting the profession. The changes will apply to journeys made between 05:00 and 22:00 and go some way to cover increased overheads for drivers. Transport for London claims this is the reason for the first rise for two years, but the regulating body is starting to panic at the shortfall of cabbies, after undermining the profession for a decade, by March 2020, there were 18,961 taxis, as of this month that number fell to 13,461, a drop of 29 per cent, also the number of drivers has fallen by 2,693, a decrease of 12 per cent. To retain drivers TfL is going to do a lot more than raising some fares by a fraction.

What I’m Listening

The History of English podcast by Kevin Stroud. At the moment I’ve got to episode 157 and we’ve only reached Elizabeth I’s reign. If you are interested in our mother tongue this podcast is a must.

What I’m Reading

Just reread Tom Hutley’s The Knowledge: How to become a London black cab driver, yes I know I’m a bit of a nerd, but I would recommend anyone contemplating The Knowledge to give it a read at £4.99.

Not watching much

I’m completing the final line edits to my book: Everyone is entitled to my opinion which I’m hoping to publish on Amazon in Kindle and paperback on 1st June.

What else

Getting into Tai Chi after a short hiatus. David-Dorian Ross produces some great videos to improve your 24-form technique in mirror view, making the benefits of internal body strength, balance (something I need of late) and mental calm are achievable. Working cabbies take note.

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