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It makes your cross

The world-famous zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios, immortalised by The Beatles’ Abbey Road album, has been given Grade II listing, now we are going to have even more jaywalkers crossing in front of my cab having their pictures taken. Those wishing to be photographed just like the Fab Four would be disappointed to learn that Westminster Council moved the original one several yards south from its original site, and replaced all its components, and so no original features remain. But if you want some entertainment on a wet weekend, watch the live street cam showing tourists being abused by motorists.

Progressive Toilets

As a frequent user of hotel toilets (thank you very much chaps), I’m getting perplexed at the devices used to save water. The taps have a sensor to turn them on and off, but for some of them you have to wave at the sensor and then get your hands under the flow before the water turns off as the sensor doesn’t scan the washing area. That’s progress?

Tesco’s loading bay

Tesco the ubiquitous retailer has its shops in almost every location. Take the one in Covent Garden it has because its loading bay in a road so small I defy most cabbies to be able to locate New Row. To stock, their store Tesco despatch an articulated lorry the size of a small house, its driver just about managing to manoeuvre his vehicle into the tight space. If that wasn’t enough the geniuses in charge of logistics send their lorry at the height of the evening’s theatre-going public arriving, so the driver has to contend with negotiating the vehicle as hundreds of people try to squeeze past and then try vainly to get into Strand past dozens of parked cars.