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Meter down

I heard of an app for i-phones today, it’s called Meter Down. Apparently it tells you if you’re being overcharged by your rickshaw driver in Mumbai, India. Using GPS and the time of day it calculates how much you should have been charged for your journey. Now that’s a good idea for London’s pedicabs.

It’s just common sense

I’m sorry, but I have to moan about stupid punters again. If you had wanted to pay me through the glass partition, would you balance, yes balance, the notes and coins on the very narrow ledge which supports the glass? Some people have no common sense.

Aim for the mouth

I’m really getting fed up with people wanting to eat in my cab. If that was not enough they invariably cannot locate their mouths and the food ends up lying on the back seat for the next passenger to find.

Keep to the Highway Code

Driving north up Drury Lane, a one-way street much favoured by cabbies, a police car was coming towards me in the opposite direction. No light or siren, he just couldn’t be bothered to go the long way round.