Cabbie, what does an Iambic Pentameter sound Like?

On 1st October 2021, Transport for London changed how they assess London PHV drivers’ English language skills and introduced a requirement for drivers to show an understanding of safety, equality and regulatory matters. Drivers have to satisfy the English Language Requirement by taking and passing a new speaking and listening test. It is proposed that these requirements are to be extended to cabbies. Throughout The Knowledge of London, the applicant must sit more than TEN face-to-face oral exams to display their knowledge of the road network. It is preposterous that London cabbies are required to undertake the English Language test. By completing the KoL Taxi Drivers have demonstrated they have a topographical knowledge of London and a command of the English Language.

8 thoughts on “Cabbie, what does an Iambic Pentameter sound Like?”

    1. I think the start of the most famous iambic pentameter could apply to us: Now is the winter of our discontent


  1. One of the (many) reasons I always take a black cab when visiting London! I can understand the driver! And they can understand me.
    I have always been fascinated by The Knowledge and the rigorous verbal testing process. If you can pass your appearances then you MUST understand English – even under extreme stress.


    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes that’s exactly right, the notion that the authorities fail to understand.


    1. So! Mr Johnson, you’ve been a cabbie for 20 years, but tell me if ‘preposterous’ is an adjective or a transitive verb!!!


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