Sad though it is, I’ve been on Wordle almost every day this year and usually, I can identify the day’s word within 4 minutes, in fact, if it takes me much longer I’m not likely to work it out.

Wordle is very American-centric, I’m still waiting for color, humor and center to come up.

Recently I’ve come across Metrodle, which is not only for the British but it’s for Londoners.

Metrodle gives you a close crop of the Tube Map, with most of the information like names and line colours removed.

You have six attempts to identify the correct station, an incorrect guess shows the names of any nearby stations and will colour in any lines that appear on the zoomed-in section of the map. The guess output will also show how many stops you are from your destination and in which direction the correct station is from your guess.

Having hardly used the Underground for decades I’m hopeless, maybe you will be more successful.

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