The Bell and Horns

Lots of drivers are asking about the Bell and Horns Taxi Shelter in Cromwell Gardens.

From the outside it looks to have been fully restored and has been positioned on the pavement adjacent to the Victoria and Albert museum, a much safer location, considering the times it’s been hit by vehicles in the middle of the road.

Not knowing for sure if it was to stay in situ on the pavement the Cabman’s Shelter Fund were contacted.

Unfortunately, their answer is inconclusive. Even though the shelter looks from the outside to have been fully restored, they said:

The Situation with the Bell and Horns Shelter….The discussions over the insurance of the shelter are still dragging on. No decision on where or when the Shelter will be restored have been discussed with the Cabmen’s Shelter Fund.

2 thoughts on “The Bell and Horns”

    1. The shelter has been hit so many times, they must think it’s safer on the pavement. I imagine they don’t want tourists going in the V&A eating a bacon butty they’ve purchased from the shelter.


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