Making Life Easier

Amazon have stopped accepting Visa cards, so I had to switch to my M&S Mastercard. But M&S don’t except cheques (my preferred method of payment), so I had to set up a direct debit. The only way for a direct debit to work was by opening an M&S online bank account. Easy peesy it only took an hour. Now all I have to worry about is that it’s ‘automatically’ paid and I’m not charged 39.9% interest. Thanks Jeff Bezos, happy landings.

8 thoughts on “Making Life Easier”

    1. At one time only Americans wanted to pay me by credit card. Today most transactions for a fare are by credit card.


  1. Amazon never did actually implement the ban on Visa credit cards. They are talking to Visa to find a solution.

    While it’s fashionable to condemn Amazon (while still buying from them, of course), I don’t think they are to blame here. The blame rests Visa UK who used Brexit as an excuse to increase their fees to vendors only on purchases made by British cardholders.

    By all means switch to Mastercard if you have that option but do it to spite Visa, not Jeff Bezos.


    1. Yes, I gathered that. I’m sure a lot of people were put to the same inconvenience – I had switched to my Visa debit card.

      It’s good that Amazon challenged Visa and I wish more businesses would do the same. We’re too prone to letting these powerful companies have their own way and walk all over us.


  2. I just use my bank debit card with Amazon. I have never had a fraud on that, and have been using the company since it started up in the UK.
    For everything else, I use Paypal. They guarantee your money is safe, whichever card you choose to use.
    (Tried to set up an M&S online account last year. Gave up after an hour of online nonsense and frustration.)
    Cheers, Pete.


    1. I couldn’t agree more about M&S everything is complicated with their banking/cards. I’ve never fathomed out their loyalty card.

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