Johnson’s London Dictionary: Mini-Cab

MINI-CAB (n.) A Sedan with oriental provenance of indeterminate age used to convey the Inebriated by its Driver whose paucity of English is matched only by his geographical knowledge

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4 thoughts on “Johnson’s London Dictionary: Mini-Cab”

  1. Ah, back when I was classed as a ‘minicab driver’ in 1973-1975, I had a brand new car, and a wide geographical knowledge of London and the Home Counties. I also spoke perfect English, albeit with a South London accent that some might think doesn’t qualify as ‘English’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Most of the guys I worked with back then were 100% straight. Smartly dressed, nice newish cars, and knew where they were going. Many years later, I took some minicabs like those you mention, for a lack of any alternative. If I had to tell them how to get to my house, no tip. Fortunately, once I moved to Camden Town, I could always guarantee to get a real cab on Hampstead Road, and never used a minicab again. Mind you, I did once have to tell a real cabbie how to get from Euston, to Union Street in Southwark. I suspected he was (illegally) using someone else’s cab!


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