One of the best in the world

According to a new study – with all the ‘improvements’ TfL have made to London’s roads – research has found 73 hours a year are spent in traffic jams, which ranks London the seventh worst city in the world for congestion. Two of the six ahead of London are South American cities with little spent on their infrastructure.  You couldn’t make it up, after spending many millions of pounds, causing gridlock with numerous roadworks to encourage cycling in London and presumably better health. It is now more dangerous to sit on a bus due to pollution than at any time since the ‘pea-soupers’ of the 1950s.

3 thoughts on “One of the best in the world”

  1. London has a lot of narrow streets, unlike some other capitals, and a plethora of side streets which means lights every few yards and a stop-start crawl during rush-hours. Apart from that, however, is the fact that there is simply too much traffic. That is what causes the hold-ups, along with selfish drivers who jump the lights, park on double yellows and stop at bus stops.

    One answer is to stop messing about with ineffectual solutions like the pitiful congestion charge and simply to close the centre of London to all vehicles but buses during the working day.

    That may not be popular with some people but, then, no real solution ever will be.


    1. First what constitutes a working day? Traffic volumes don’t reduce until late into the evening. Also would residents like deliveries late in the evening, or at night.


  2. Night deliveries are required in some parts of the world. As for liking, a lot of people don’t like having to spent so long travelling to and from work because selfish car drivers insist on travelling, one to a car, into town during busy times.

    Personally, I would ban cars from the centre of London 24/7 but I doubt whether we’ll ever have a mayor and executive brave enough to propose measures anywhere nearly that radical.


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