A Festival of Litter

I’ve just been on holiday in Dorset: banks of wildflowers by the side of the road; manicured roundabouts; and clean streets. Upon my return, I realised that I missed a Festival of Litter when the local populace gets the opportunity to decorate their streets with brightly coloured wrappers, breaking up the monotony of grey pavements by liberally peppering them with chewing gun, and ensuring the survival of local wildlife by distributing chips and half-eaten burgers. Next year I’ll ensure that I don’t miss this important event.

5 thoughts on “A Festival of Litter”

  1. As this is your weekly whinge I assume it is OK for your punters to whinge in sympathy as well! If you investigated you would probably find that many of the culprits of the Festival of Litter were those so called ‘do gooders’ protesting about the destruction of the climate and environment by sitting on top of Jubilee Line trains etc. stopping people going to work and leaving hundreds of plastic bottles in London streets in the process.
    Since just about every survey conducted in the UK asking citizens whether they would change various habits to help the environment, results in well over 50% saying they wouldn’t, I draw the conclusion that UK businesses are way ahead of the hypocritical populous in trying to save Planet Earth. One VERY SMALL, topical example from amongst thousands of environment innovations by UK companies is that from today, New Year’s Day, British Airways domestic routes will be carbon neutral. Even the Government [Miracles do happen!] has increased the size of the UK’s offshore Maritime Protection Zone to twice the size of England by area during 2019. Note that the EU just abandoned its 2020 commitment to eliminate over fishing in EU waters. Anyway whinge over. Happy New Year to you, all genuine Planet Earth savers, & may your super blog still be around at the end of this decade.


    1. That’s great you managed to get that off your chest. What a great start to the New Year, and Yes! much of your ‘observations’ are in line with CabbieBlog’s mission statement. Now in its 12th year I hope to continue some more. In fact I’ve already written and scheduled Sunday’s Trivia until 29th February 2032!


    2. You will have primed your manservant then? Checkout the QI clip on YT “Who Wrote Shakespeare’s Plays”. The Earl of Oxford is often suggested as the author of Will’s plays but died in 1604 long before Shakespeare’s plays stopped ‘being written’. David Mitchell in the QI episode proffers, tongue in cheek, the notion that the Earl of Oxford wrote the plays well in advance & in his will told his manservant to hand over unpublished manuscripts to William Shakespeare advising him to ‘insert a topical gag’ relevant to the time of publication to ‘legitimise’ WS as the writer. I am sure you will have done the same with your valet to cover all eventualities between now and 2032. You would be the first London black cab driver to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Earl of Oxford & William Shakespeare?


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