Do you come here often?

CabbieBlog has reached a milestone or more accurately its quincentenary (thank you Wikipedia), for this is the 500th post since its inception.

During that time I estimate that I’ve written over ¼ million words and the site is on its way to ½ million hits, by reading this you’ve just added to the statistics. But for all the words I need help in categorizing CabbieBlog.

[I] have always said that the site’s raison d’être was akin to being a passenger in the back of a London cab with an erudite cabbie entertaining you with nuggets of information about themselves, London trivia and his right wing politics.

But what category does this little corner of the inter-web fall? Travel or culture? History or lifestyle?

I once had Gwyneth Paltrow’s people wanting to talk to CabbieBlog’s people with a view to contributing to her Goop, an earnest blog offering ‘recipes, travel guides, fashion, wellness tips and cultural notes’; CabbieBlog struggles to tick any of those boxes.

I drive the iconic black taxi so does that make me a cultural icon, a travel expert, or just yet another self-opinionated cabbie? With inspiration from The Accidental Londoner I checked out the searches made to land here, in the hope it this might provide the definitive answer to categorise my blog.

Seven searches were for still alive in 2013, alright I know I’m one of London’s oldest bloggers but I haven’t hit the ESC key yet. For the four of you who had the need to know about a one legged transvestite this link will tell you all you need.

As for fag end London I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume cigarettes are you preference, the same goes for London fag, and yes I’ve written about the urinating horse statue, so those three searches came to the right place.

As you might expect thousands of searches for the minutiae of being a cabbie have landed here, but was it a lifestyle choice for the three who searched I rather be homeless in London?

I must be missing out for one search enquired London Taxi Naked Women, and what was behind the enquiry gold coast urination cabbie? Many wanted to know our earnings, which if our income is as high as the urban myth £50 notes and Sugar Daddy could make sense as a search alighting on CabbieBlog for that relevant information, and no, thanks for asking, I’m not telling you my earnings.

Three wanted to view cabbie blog rear, for that I would earnestly recommend Gwyneth’s rear over mine.

With all this introspection who am I writing for and if anyone alights upon my blog what can they learn? The guy who searched im a knolege boy might like to try typing lessons before learning ‘knowledge’ from CabbieBlog.

But I’ll leave the final word to the recently enquired big cock, yes you know who you are, there is a world of Russian hosted websites out there catering just for you.

What do you have to say for yourself?

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