WordPress survey

Recently I received a surprise from WordPress, with a survey popping up asking my opinion about their platform. “Would I recommend WordPress to friends and any aspiring bloggers…”

0=Not a chance

10=Best thing since sliced bread

Since Mr Blocky, no prizes for guessing which end of the spectrum I voted.

8 thoughts on “WordPress survey”

  1. As Mr Boeing said, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it .” It wasn’t broken so why did they fix it? Now it is nowhere near as good as it was before they fixed it.


    1. Hopefully you’ll get a chance later to voice your opinion. With me I’m now two persons and so, when I reply to comments on my blog I get notice that this person has made a comment, also on the dashboard it comes up as me having multiple identities. Isn’t WordPress Mark 2 great?

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    2. I got on to the live-chat help, and it was finally sorted. But I had to uninstall, then reinstall, then they had to send an authentication code to my phone before I could log in. Apparently, it is because I clicked a box years ago for ‘2-step verification’ for enhanced security. So not their fault of course!


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