Green Dustmen

article-1063711-0136221B000004B0-32_233x310 Driving in the West End chances are that you will find yourself stuck behind a dustcart. Sorry, environment improving vehicle. I seem to spend more time stationary behind them each day than an MP spends calculating his expenses.

It was on one of these unscheduled stops that I realised that there is more than one organisation collecting this rubbish, many businesses in London use the services of commercial refuse collectors and do not rely on the local council.

Warming, or was that global warming, to my theme I observed that all these vehicles proclaim their green credentials. So how can it be more “green” to have three vehicles twice a day collecting stuff? All are diesel, not electric; all keep their engines running continuously; and worse the traffic stuck behind them sits stationery belching out fumes.

Is it more financially viable to use different collections, or is it that the council refuses to collect the rubbish from these companies?

Surely one vehicle used during the night around these narrow streets would be more friendly to the environment, but more, much more important than that, they wouldn’t get in my way.

2 thoughts on “Green Dustmen”

  1. I’ll promise to support your request not to let refuse collecting lorries to get in the way of your taxi as long as you promise not to let your taxi get in the way of my bus.

    All seriousness aside, however, I imagine that if these vehicles did not operate, and as frequently as they do, your taxi would soon be stuck behind a more or less permanent stack of rubbish. When I worked in Covent Garden, I saw that the refuse trucks came around not once but several times a day and that their visits were necessary: shops generate a lot of waste. It’s all that packing material from new stock, you see.

    I think, therefore, that if a single body were responsible for collecting rubbish, there would still be the same number of vehicles on the road. The only difference would be the livery.

    While we’re on the subject of global warming, would it be unkind of me to mention that one bus carrying lots of people is less damaging than lots of taxis carrying the same number of people in ones and twos? OK, then, I won’t mention it 🙂


    1. I give you that probably a whole plethora of trucks with different livery probably do that same job as just one from the council, but really buses being efficient, when I’m in a bored mood in the West End I idle away my time by counting the number of buses I see with just 6 or less passengers in them, so much for helping the environment.
      Whinge over, Happy New Year . . . probably


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