CabbieBlog’s Milestone

taxi post  big ben In February of this year I started CabbieBlog, a bi-weekly compilation of thoughts and observations from a London cabbie. Along the way I have touched on subjects as diverse as Gordon Brown to Human Lavatories (maybe there is a link to be made here).

Little did I realise at the time that before the year was out over 100,000 people would visit my site, and with satisfying number taking the trouble to leave a constructive comment on over 100 posts.

[L]ooking back on the posts the first on 23rd February is all about roadworks, well after last weeks’ debacle when the Blackwall Tunnel was closed with the result that East London was still gridlocked long after midnight, it would appear that London is now worse than when I first started writing.

So it looks as though I will just have to keep on whinging, but thank you all for helping me let off steam.

My wife has recently put up a fridge magnet which reads:

Everyone is entitled to my opinion

Should I now make this the strapline to CabbieBlog?

4 thoughts on “CabbieBlog’s Milestone”

  1. London is beginning to resemble one big building site. I’ve never known it quite so bad. Just as we get used to one bus-slowing obstacle or one closed road on the way home, another one appears. The disheartening thing is that most of the time, no work seems to be going on behind the barriers.

    Were also losing the sky as ever taller buildings are allowed, such as the monster Heron Tower in Bishopsgate.


    1. Yes there seems to be more building going on now than when they were re-building London in the ’60s after the war.
      I’m been thinking of writing a post entitled “counting cranes” or with your observations should it be “no sunny side of the street”


  2. I totally agree with SilverTiger’s word. I really like the way you present this post. Some great and useful informations to be absorbed from this post. Thanks a bunch for sharing such an informative post with us. Keep blogging. Looking forward to reading your next post.


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