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CabbieBlog saves the World

[A] small ripple of applause at the start of this post would not be untimely, for you see CabbieBlog has solved England’s inability to produce sufficient energy to bring it in line with Europe’s diktats.


. . . Thank you, thank you very much!

The monster windmills which now despoil our coast are not working to their maximum capacity. The wind is not constant and the electricity demand has its peaks and troughs.

But there is one location where you can find relentless wind (and we are not talking about The Palace of Westminster here), that is the M25 with its constant stream of lorries. Install small windmills down the central reservation and with a 10 metre windmill, a wind speed of 33mph and you would produce 25kW of electricity. There you have it barring traffic jams, continuous power and located in a virtual vandal proof position.

Now if you compressed a membrane of quartz crystals you would get a small electric discharge, Mr Shaw my physics master would be proud of this one. Put these quartz strips along the speed humps and at long last here is a reason for installing these obstructions. Connect to a simple capacitor and Voilà electricity on demand.

Add to that, photo sensitive cells above road signs in London, free illumination.

And if you can produce electricity yourself and sell it back to the grid, well I’m thinking of helping out with the banking crisis and printing my own money.

I’m writing my Nobel Prize acceptance speech already.

It Ain’t Half Hot Mum

carfloodthmb11 For the last decade we have been regaled by the eco warriors that we are causing ‘Global Warming’, if don’t change our ways man alone will change our planet forever . . . what arrogance, as if Man will change this planet forever!

Have you noticed after having a succession of average summers it is now being called Climate Change and not Global Warming?

[J]uly and August, are on average the warmest months of the year in most parts of the England, and these months do from time to time comprise a succession of days of Mediterranean-blue skies, blazing sunshine, and soaring temperatures, but these months are rare enough to become imprinted on the community memory – 1911, 1933, 1959, 1976, and 1995, for instance. Surely if we were experiencing global warming these events would occur almost every other year.

But it suits this mendacious Government, to prevent climate change they say, to get us to recycle everything, with the appropriate revenue raising penalties if we have the temerity to put an article in the wrong container or, shock horror, leave the wheelie bin lid ajar. The reality of course is that all they are doing is following Europe’s dictates on the amount of land fill allowed to be dumped.

Large volumes of what people meticulously sort ends up in the Third World where the poor are paid a pittance to sort out again. Or as shown in a recent documentary, some of ends up as land fill near an elephant conservation area in India.

Our parents who went through a war did not have to be told to sort out their rubbish, by habitually kept everything that was of use, composted organics and just threw away the remainder.

Balmy (sorry for the temperature pun) researchers John Latham of the University of Manchester and Stephen Salter of the University of Edinburgh have proposed a radical idea that could, they claim counter the warming effect caused by increased CO2 emissions and induce cooling.

The idea is to develop a fleet of wind powered cloud seeding yachts. These yachts would pump salty sea water particles into the air, thus increasing the reflectivity of clouds covering 25 per cent of the world’s water mass. By increasing the amount of solar energy reflected back into space, this form of cloud seeding would have a cooling effect on the earth’s atmosphere. The 1,000 yachts needed would be unmanned and operated via GPS positioning and operate in the southern oceans, their cost is estimated at £2 million each.

Cab drivers have less ambitious plans, but we are also trying to do our bit; we are recycling our anecdotes for anyone who is trapped in the back of our cabs. You’ll never guess what I said to David Beckham last week . . .