CabbieBlog saves the World

[A] small ripple of applause at the start of this post would not be untimely, for you see CabbieBlog has solved England’s inability to produce sufficient energy to bring it in line with Europe’s diktats.


. . . Thank you, thank you very much!

The monster windmills which now despoil our coast are not working to their maximum capacity. The wind is not constant and the electricity demand has its peaks and troughs.

But there is one location where you can find relentless wind (and we are not talking about The Palace of Westminster here), that is the M25 with its constant stream of lorries. Install small windmills down the central reservation and with a 10 metre windmill, a wind speed of 33mph and you would produce 25kW of electricity. There you have it barring traffic jams, continuous power and located in a virtual vandal proof position.

Now if you compressed a membrane of quartz crystals you would get a small electric discharge, Mr Shaw my physics master would be proud of this one. Put these quartz strips along the speed humps and at long last here is a reason for installing these obstructions. Connect to a simple capacitor and Voilà electricity on demand.

Add to that, photo sensitive cells above road signs in London, free illumination.

And if you can produce electricity yourself and sell it back to the grid, well I’m thinking of helping out with the banking crisis and printing my own money.

I’m writing my Nobel Prize acceptance speech already.

3 thoughts on “CabbieBlog saves the World”

  1. When I was a child I had the brilliant idea of designing an aeroplane that was driven by electric motors which were charged by wind-driven propellers. It was only later that I understood that this naive plan would not work because it produces less energy than it absorbs. (In my defence I point out that many adults persist in designing perpetual motion machines that fail for the same reason.)

    Fossil fuels will run out one day however parsimoniously we use them in the meantime. Solar energy and wind power cannot supply energy at the rate at which we currently use it. Barring some as yet unforeseeable technological breakthrough, we will have to reduce our energy consumption habits.

    The motorways will eventually become silent deserts. Perhaps they will then serve as storage areas for the nuclear waste that we shall inevitably produce in increasing amounts in the desperate race to fulfill our energy needs.


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