Gutenberg doesn’t work

I am back to complaining about Gutenberg. CabbieBlog’s theme is Twenty Fourteen released as WordPress’ theme of the year. Sidebar headings were displayed in black with a rule running above them. Now if I want to insert a new item I cannot incorporate this heading, even though they at WordPress developed the theme. I can see soon my days fighting Gutenberg will be over.

7 thoughts on “Gutenberg doesn’t work”

  1. Gutenberg (or the “Block Editor”, as they seem to call it these days) is, in my opinion, an unmitigated disaster, an exercise in how to make simple things complicated.


    1. That’s exactly how I’d describe it, I notice you can still write posts in the ‘classic’ version, which tells me that many WordPress users don’t like Gutenberg.


    2. I write most of my posts using the WP app on the iPhone and unfortunately, the Classic Editor is no longer available on the app. I have to rely on the Visual Editor with its limitations plus a limited amount of tinkering with the HTML of the Block Editor.


  2. I still haven’t used the block editor. I use the Classic option from the admin> posts> all posts> drop-down menu. If they stop allowing that, I will be most annoyed.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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