I have been checking up on Sadiq Khan’s Superloop bus service which is designed to help me navigate London post-ULEZ. It is of particular interest as I live 5 miles from ULEZ’S border and Superloop is designed for those of us who live in ‘the sticks’.

So to reach Superloop I have to take the 294 bus for a 12-minute ride to Romford Bus Garage (294 frequency is every 12 minutes peak time). From there a 296 bus would deliver me to connect with Superloop. This bus takes 32 minutes to reach Ilford (296 frequency is every 20 minutes peak time).

Now in Ilford, somewhere Khan regards as the outer fringe of the capital, even though it’s a full 40-minute drive to the M25, I can catch Superloop, but not until next year.

Next year (or is it the year after?) Superloop costing north of  £6 million will take me to Walthamstow or the Royal Docks on the X123 route. But what is Royal Docks: Beckton, North Woolwich, Custom House or Silvertown, and why should I have the need to visit Walthamstow?

All I know is Havering going to miss out because Superloop won’t reach every outer London borough – at least this one gets nothing at all.

6 thoughts on “Superloop(y)”

  1. That’s what I found when I had no car for a while while living in Highams Park (just off Walthamstow) working in Greenwich and socialising in Ilford. The buses (and trainlines) don’t run from where I want to start to where I want to go.


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