Mapping black spots

The London Cycling Campaign has named the most dangerous junction systems in London. They are in King’s Cross, the Shoreditch Triangle and Holborn. The London Cycling Campaign held an event at the House of Commons where they announced plans to publish ‘a full list of more than 20 dangerous junctions via an interactive map covering all of London in early next year’. It’s about time someone did it.

4 thoughts on “Mapping black spots”

  1. London cyclists also need to start to take some responsibility for their own dangerous behaviour. Riding across pavements, running red lights, creeping up the inside of solid traffic queues. When I was still driving in London in 2012, the cyclists drove me crazy. And as a pedestrian, they made walking around Trafalgar Square/Strand hazardous.
    Cheers, Pete.


    1. Cyclists really need to be regulated, with insurance and some kind of identification. I’m surprised Sadiq Khan hasn’t thought of that as another revenue stream.

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