Competition Results

Crikey! Only fourteen minutes after the competition opened, Simon submitted an entry. Sorry mate, you were nearly 1,400 days out, but thanks for having a stab at it.

You weren’t the only one way out with your guess, the answers ranged from 30 days (if only it only took that long) to 1,500.

Thank you for all the entries that were recorded in the competition’s 23 days of life, and for all of your support.

I’m suspicious that some went as far as to buy the book to obtain the correct answer, a rather extreme way of obtaining two copies of my memoir if you ask me. But, I suppose it gave you the possibility of getting an Amazon voucher, and half a chance to get back your investment.

So the number on everyone’s lips: 1,753 days to complete The Knowledge and gain my Green Badge to become an All-London cabbie. Some qualify in under 3 years, while others have taken up to 10 years. Given that, I took a little over average.

So the winner is Stevie who was only 253 days out, a signed book and Amazon voucher are in the post.

6 thoughts on “Competition Results”

  1. Drat!!! I ordered the book from amazon the first day, yes, in hopes of finding the answer in it..alas, my tricky plan failed, as the book is still stuck in that dreadful London traffic and has not arrived. Bezos may be rich and have cash to give away and fly out into space, but I wish he could be more reliable. I guess I will just have a pint and relax until the Amazoo Prime truck shows up.


    1. I did get a ‘oops, it is maybe lost, wanna refund?’ note but I figure it will turn up. It is probably with some delivery driver who is chuckling as he or she trudges around. Who am I to deny them that joy? Cheers.


  2. Congratulations to Stevie. I didn’t enter because I had already ordered the book, but my guess would have been 2,000 days.
    (I knew two black cab drivers who took that long to pass The Knowledge. They were doing it part-time, both working in the Ambulance Service and using all their time off and annual leave allowance to study on their mopeds .)
    Best wishes, Pete.


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