Come fly with me

Sadiq Khan has defended his recent 7,000-mile flight to a climate change conference in Argentina stating that “his commercial flight to Buenos Aires, via São Paulo, was powered by sustainable aviation fuel”. It is calculated that he has flown the equivalent of twice around the world during his tenure, whilst lecturing us to avoid driving in London.

10 thoughts on “Come fly with me”

  1. Until birth control is a major element of talk to help climate change, the rest is pretty useless. And since that is taboo, well, we are toast. So have another pint and enjoy the ride, and be glad we are old.


    1. We’ve just passed the 8 billion mark, the world’s only going to improve once humans become extinct. And contrary to the Green Lobby it won’t be the end of the planet, it would get on without us.


    2. For sure..this will be earths sixth mass extinction event, and perhaps next time the dominate species can evolve better…humm, no opposable thumbs and no electricity should simplify it well…as long as they have good ales.


    1. No, but they will ‘offset’ the carbon emissions by planting trees, and then letting them die without watering them in!


  2. He is not alone of course. Politicians and Royals flying everywhere, even short distances, while talking down to the rest of us about using our cars to drive two miles to a supermarket. Hypocrites!


    1. Apparently, if you believe the Chancellor of the Exchequer in next 2 years half of Britain’s population will replace their cars with electric models. That should offset Sadiq’s emissions.


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