The Yanks are back

The fact that the dollar now buys you twice the number of Chinese made Big Ben snow globes than it did this time last year (and tax free shopping is now back for tourists), means that US tourists ‘are flocking to our shores’ and will probably continue to do so right up to the King’s Coronation sometime next year – incidentally they should announce the date to give hotels time to jack up prices. This means we’ll probably continue to see even more luxury hotels going up in the West End over the next few years, and more heritage parts of London destroyed, which ironically is why the Americans visit the Motherland.

5 thoughts on “The Yanks are back”

  1. As a Yank hoping to again flock back to the Motherland this next year, I take great umbrage at being singled out for my Chinese made snowglobes of English historic sites collection! It will not be an official hoard until I have six more. You must realize we colonists like to go to the UK because it is a distant foriegn country where we almost understand the language, can seek out other Americans to hang out with, and feel smug that our political situation is more chaotic than yours. Good thing you didn’t comment on my St Pauls cathedral shot glass collection. Then I might get grumpy.

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    1. Now that the old Queen has died, they’ll be knocking out cheap plastic corgi dogs, should you want to add them to your growing collection.

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  2. I like the way some hotel chains are claiming hotels to be in ‘London’. Last weekend, we stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn in Bexley. (We were visiting Bexleyheath) When I lived in Bexley from 1967-1976, it was in Kent. Now it is in the London Borough of Bexley of course. That is all Holiday inn needs to call it ‘Holiday Inn London – Bexley’. That must come as a shock to some tourists who find themselves staying almost 17 miles away from Buckingham Palace.
    Cheers, Pete.


    1. Holiday Inn Regent’s Park, Carburton Street about a mile from the Inner Circle. Holiday Inn, Mayfair before it closed, just made Mayfair by 60ft in Berkeley Street, Hilton London Kensington, not even on the same A-Z page as upmarket Kensington. Discuss.

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