Toilet Roll Turmoil

Something which is guaranteed to irritate me are toilet rolls. Go a an 3-star hotel owned by an international chain, and the underpaid room maids have been instructed to fold the paper in a triangle. Why? Another irritation is that when cretins replace a roll, they put a new roll onto the holder on the bathroom wall, arranging it so the paper does not hang in the air at the front, but is hung at the back, where it soon gets stuck to the wet bathroom wall. And while I’m on the subject I’ve noticed Waitrose are now selling for £9.50, Andrex Classic Clean Mega Toilet Roll XL Longer Rolls Big Pack12 after the manufacturer has been reducing the roll’s size for a decadeSeems like a sensible proposition to me.

2 thoughts on “Toilet Roll Turmoil”

  1. My wife buys our Andrex toilet rolls from Amazon in bulk. 6 x 9 packs, so 54 rolls at a bargain price, much less than at Tesco. And it is ALWAYS paper on the outside of the roll.
    That should be a law. 🙂
    Cheers, Pete.


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