St. Thomas’ Hospital

Licensed black cabbies dropping off sick and elderly patients at St. Thomas’ Hospital have been allowed THREE-MINUTES to drop-off and pick-up following a raft of fines dished out to cabbies. Penalty Charge Notices had been issued for dropping patients and hospital visitors at the London hospital. Frustrated cabbies received the fines after allowing passengers to disembark at the foot of the ramp leading into the hospital’s car park. Now 180 seconds are allowed to disembark a patient in a wheelchair.

5 thoughts on “St. Thomas’ Hospital”

    1. ST THOMAS’ HOSPITAL U-TURN: Taxi drivers CANNOT drop on ramp and MUST go through car park barrier, so now presumably they’ll have to pay for ‘parking’. Thanks for the comment.


  1. That’s crazy, though I do remember having to negotiate parked private cars on the ramp when I was in the LAS. Black Cabs always dropped off and left, and were never an issue for us.
    Cheers, Pete.


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