No reply from TfL

On 1st June I surrendered my cab licence, posting it to Transport for London in Sheffield via Royal Mail’s tracking service, who later confirmed that the documents had been received. Now here we are a full 12 weeks later, and not even an acknowledgement, let alone a letter similar to the one my friend received thanking him for his service, and a cheque for the balance of the unused licence fee. But that was before Khan’s London. Would anyone at TfL like to give me an indication as to whether I’m still a London cabbie, or have I been added to the dozen or so who weekly also give up driving in London behind the wheel of a black cab?

8 thoughts on “No reply from TfL”

  1. Take heart!! Your service to we traveling folk for all these years IS appreciated, so know that as fact. The failure of ‘the system’ is but one more sign of our rapidly devolving species. Be content, as are we other old men, to have had all those good years, perhaps the best era. But now we can rest, observe, and reflect. Your new career as a gentleman philosopher is how you will serve now.


    1. I love that: rest, observe, and reflect what a wonderful way to describe retirement. Thanks for your comment from across The Pond.


    2. You are welcome.
      I forgot to mention reflection is best done with a pint in hand.
      When is your book going to be available here in the raucus colonies?


    3. I’m having problems getting the print on demand version completed. Hopefully next month it will be available in eBook and printed versions next month. Needless to say I’ll be telling the a world when it’s available.


    4. Good to hear there is progress, tho no doubt frustrating for you. I will watch for the announcement and add it to my winter reading.


    5. I’m planning a competition when it publishes, so you never know you might get a free copy.


  2. I wasn’t aware that they sent a letter thanking you for being a cabbie. But it’s the least you deserve, David.
    (It must have been quite sad, surrendering your licence.)
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Curiously if I’d spent 5 years studying for an MA I could keep it for my lifetime, but completing The Knowledge in a similar time you have to surrender your qualifications.

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