Banning licensed cabbies

Transport for London’s latest Taxi and Private Hire Driver Policy includes new policies on how TfL will treat licensed drivers and prospective licensees who receive penalty points and convictions for driving offences.

Under these draconian new rules, drivers who receive convictions for certain offences such as using a mobile phone or who tot up 12 penalty points on their DVLA driving licence will be at risk of having their TfL taxi licence revoked.

A ‘Major’ driving offence is defined as any single offence that results in 6 points. This could mean that a driver who was convicted of any offence and got 6 points and was then unlucky enough to get another offence for 6 points five years later, and long after the points had vanished from his DVLA licence, would lose his cab bill and not be able to get it back for 7 years!


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    1. When I started The Knowledge thousands of us numpties were on the KoL, but there again John Major managed to preside over an impressive number of unemployed at the time.


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