Straight roads

The Romans were a canny lot, take Ermine Street, its route between London Bridge and Liverpool Street stations (not that either existed) is almost a straight line of less than a mile. Now the City Fathers have designated the route thus:

L/By London Bridge Street
L Borough High Street
R Southwark Street
R & L Thrale Street
R Southwark Bridge Road
F Southwark Bridge
R Upper Thames Street
Forward Byward Street
L Minories
B/L Mansell Street
R Whitechapel High Street
L Osborn Street
F Brick Lane
L Bethnal Green Road
L Shoreditch High Street
F Bishopsgate

Liverpool Street Station on right, which means passengers having to cross a busy road to enter the station. Please cabbies tell me I’m wrong with this route.

What do you have to say for yourself?

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