Over familiarity

I do object getting letters from those whom I have never met addressing me by my first name, this especially includes a company trying to flog me their naff product.

5 thoughts on “Over familiarity”

  1. I agree, as a simple act of respect, especially from someone I have never met or an obvious ploy that makes feel as if I should loan them money. Tho, I cringe just a tad when a young person calls me Mr. or Sir, making me feel like some old fart. Being asked by a young sales clerk to show my age ID in order to buy beer is nice. And, I was once complemented by a Canadian who thought I was too nice to be an American. Such polite mannerly schizophrenia is our lot, I fear.


    1. It’s when they automatically give you a senior’s discount and then call you sir, you realise age is creeping up.


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