Who would have guessed?

Apparently, tax checks on private hire drivers renewing their licenses are said to be killing the Private Hire Vehicle industry. Before the checks started, there were on average 3,500 renewals a month.

The Tax checks are reducing these numbers in their thousands.

1st April started the rot, followed by May and June. Nearly 7,000 fewer Private Hire Vehicles in London alone.

This should be wonderful news to the taxi trade, but it’s gone virtually unheralded. So, why is the take up of The Knowledge at its lowest point for many decades?

A £70,000 vehicle monopoly and a 12 year age limit across the board on the horizon, plus massive road restrictions across the capital, could be a major part of the problem. Oh! And giving up three to five years of your life to get a qualification that might be considered useless.

I honestly do not know what we have to do for drivers to wake up and smell the coffee. Take-up of the Knowledge of London will only improve if the cab trade is an attractive business proposition.

4 thoughts on “Who would have guessed?”

    1. Nowadays they have to be registered employed, being eligible for holiday pay, pension payments and maternity benefits. This, of course, makes them liable to be accountable to Inland Revenue.


  1. If there had been Income Tax checks in the 1970s when I was cabbing, there wouldn’t have been one minicab on the road in Greater London. That might have saved the future of the Licenced Taxis in one fell swoop.
    (But nobody would have been able to get home south of the river. 🙂 )
    Cheers, Pete.


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