According to Taxi Leaks, Sadiq Kahn again uses lies and fake statistics to increase the area of the ULEZ Zone, in the name of saving the planet.

This definitely isn’t about cleaner air, it’s solely about raising money for TfL, money that Khan has previously wasted on his personal vanity projects.

Khan is claiming that the air quality in outer London is so much worse than in central London, that he is going to have to extend the ULEZ zone to the M25.

The current air quality reading for central London using the Breezometer app states air quality at 2 on a scale of 1-10, which is classed as low.

In certain areas where traffic has been diverted into congested high streets, the figure is much higher, sometimes reaching 4-5 which is out of the yellow low pollution area, into the orange poor air quality range. The problem around Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (‘LTNs’) has been caused by Khan, local councils and residents inside the LTNs who want to see increases in the value of their properties. When you look at the huge amounts being raked in from fines issued to unsuspecting motorists, again not about cleaner air, all about money.

The current air quality for Belmont (Wealdstone) is 1, same reading (1), for Ruislip, Yeading, South Oxhey, Bushey and Southgate. All areas east from Tottenham to Ilford, all reading the same as Central London (2), making the need for an increase in the ULEZ area, completely unnecessary.

7 thoughts on “ULEZ Zone”

  1. It seems as if those in power only know one way to solve perceived issues.
    Increase tax or fine either way take more money


    1. Well, it certainly doesn’t look a very convincing reason to expand the ULEZ Zone. It would help if we had some public transport out in the suburbs. Thanks for your comment.


  2. True. My cash-strapped daughter and her hubby are going to have to get rid of a perfectly serviceable diesel motor because it can no longer cross an arbitrary dividing line into the road where she grew up.


  3. Can he extend ULEZ to the M25 boundary without the agreement of Essex, Hertfordshire, and other county councils involved, or will they be happy to receive their share of the loot?
    Cheers, Pete.


    1. My, admittedly limited understanding, is that he can, and he’s proposing to actually make the M25 subject to the tolls. Or maybe he only has power of the inside (antic-clockwise) lanes!!

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