Rickshaws are to be licensed to operate in London. Then someone best makes sure they are booked through a licensed rickshaw operator, otherwise they will be plying for hire in streets that are closed off to taxis. Now I know why the cycle lanes are so big and the speed limit is coming down to 15mph.

4 thoughts on “Rickshaws”

  1. That is a joke isn’t it nine times out of ten some of those evil cyclists do not follow any highway codes and like to cut up the cabbies and do evil stupid things on the road.


  2. I hated those things when I lived in London. One of my friends was quoted £20 to take him and his wife from Frith Street to Charing Cross Station, and that was years ago now. They walked there instead.
    Cheers, Pete.


    1. Frith Street to Charing Cross £20, that was a bargain even years ago. Nowadays you could have put another nought on that figure!!

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