Uber proliferation

Minicabs make up nearly a THIRD of all night-time traffic in London according to the Mayor’s data, and now Uber have said that their aim is 20,000 new drivers on their platform before the start of 2023. Too many, not enough or just right?

6 thoughts on “Uber proliferation”

    1. I think there are only very perfunctory checks, and some let others drive their vehicles.


  1. Many of my friends and relatives still in London are huge fans of Uber. They collect you from your house (or other location), tell you when they will arrive, and also cost the journey in advance. They pay on the App, so have no need of cash or cards. I have heard that many single women hate having to walk the streets to try to flag down a cab, so it seems that Uber have created a popular USP that is going to run and run.
    (I have never used Uber, only repeating what they tell me.)
    Cheers, Pete.


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