Beer bottle shrapnel

I’m really getting fed up with all this drinking in the street. Someone dropped a bottle in the middle of Charing Cross Road, a cab drove over it and shrapnel cannoned across the road into everyone standing on the pavement. Luckily no one was hurt.

2 thoughts on “Beer bottle shrapnel”

  1. I have no objection to people consuming food and drinks in public as long as they dispose of the residue (wrapping, bottles, cans, etc) properly in bins. Unfortunately, a hard core of selfish oiks think it acceptable to leave their rubbish in the street, on buses and wherever else their fancy takes them.

    The other day, I watched a gentleman open his pack of cigarettes and carefully drop the unwanted wrappings on the pavement at his feet. And he was standing right beside a rubbish bin…


    1. Once in a retail park’s car park, a family sitting in their car finished a McDonald’s meal. The dad opened the car door and very carefully placed the remains on the tarmac. McDonald’s had thoughtfully placed a bin 10ft away.


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