A level playing field is needed

Once I got a T4 Heathrow. Dropping off bewildered arrivals asks if I’m available, I explain that I cannot pick up without joining the rank. Minicab gets the job. I’m penalised by TfL if I accept, he’s not. That’s transport regulation for you.

5 thoughts on “A level playing field is needed”

    1. It was published on 29 June entitled ‘Is a Sense of Direction a Thing?’ You can listen to my contribution for about 10 nano-seconds. The podcast about a sense of direction is interesting though.


  1. I once worked as a UDC plated taxi out of Dartford Station, in Kent. (early 1970s) I took someone to Heathrow after they missed their train to London, and was approached by people outside the airport terminal. I told them to join the queue at the taxi rank, as I was aware of the distinction, and would not accept them as a fare at the airport. But some weeks later, after I dropped someone at East Croydon Station, I was blocked in by black cabs who accused me of ‘blagging’. They left me stuck there for almost 40 minutes. 😦
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. East Croydon Station yellow badges must be a bolshie lot. Not a pleasant experience. Still it got you used to stroppy twats for your time serving the public on emergency services.

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