My next step

My local Lloyds Bank has now closed. Having been a customer since 1970 I will now have to travel over 4 miles and incur parking charges just to join the queue which will be longer than the line waiting for service was when my local branch was open. Thanks, Lloyds as you say in your current advertising campaign: ‘For Your Next Step’. My next step will be four miles long.

2 thoughts on “My next step”

  1. I feel your pain. My local Halifax closed its counters a couple of years ago. You have to do everything on a machine, and the bank doesn’t handle money! When I went to change up an old pound coin they referred me to the Post Office! There is usually someone around to help on other matters, but the bank doesn’t open until 10am, and there’s no cash machine outside. My nearest other branch is 5.5 miles away. They encourage you to do everything on-line, but how do you draw or pay in cash?


    1. With the coronavirus the banks are now hoping to get rid of cash. It has almost disappeared with our customers. I’m hoping PenguinRandomHouse will publish my book next year. I have delved into your book ‘Manor House to Gibson Square…’ for my research. Do you want to look at the galley proofs?


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