Caught short

What is the connection between these numbers?

2 and 4 at the same time, then 3; 3574; C395ZY; 2088; and 1975

Here’s a clue: The numbers are all useful in the Tottenham Court Road area should you have an urgent need to use them.

When as a cab driver of advancing years, much of my thinking time was taken up looking for these facilities which these numbers allow access.

A young pressure group have produced an essential Twitter feed, and considering their needs would be far less urgent than we septuagenarians, they should be applauded.

Apparently, any establishment with an alcohol licence is mandatorily required to allow anyone to use their toilets, and offer a glass of water, isn’t stipulated in what order. This stipulation, of course, is never complied with.

How many times have you gone into an establishment to find a sign reading “For patrons use only”, or my favourite “Out of order, awaiting Plummer”, and if that is the case, just how to their employees take a comfort break or maybe they are not allowed to take a break during their working hours.

@LDNloocodes with nearly 7,000 followers aim to give everyone who gets caught short a selection of entry codes to the local toilets.

The five locations and their codes are:

Change Please, above the Halifax Bank, corner of Tottenham Court Road; Pret, New Oxford Street; Waterstone’s, Tottenham Court Road; Pret, Centre Point; Five Guys, next door to the Dominion, Tottenham Court Road.

What do you have to say for yourself?

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