Return to the litter

Just returned from a short break in Norway. Bergen a small city of less than 1 million, has up to 3 cruise ships disgorging 5,000 passengers each every day. Hardly any litter in the streets or rubbish left on trains, the eating areas and beauty spots are, well, spotless. Back in London rubbish litters the gutters, bins overflow and there’s graffiti everywhere. Why?

2 thoughts on “Return to the litter”

  1. Totally agree! I’ve travelled to the UK and the Continent from Australia 3 times in the last 3 and 1/2 years and each year, I see the litter increasing and the cleanliness of the streets deteriorating. I stay in South Kensington each time and last June, it was just dreadful! So much mess around the SthKen/Chelsea area. In comparison, Paris was sparkling! So different to years ago when the reverse was the case. Even worse is Edinburgh – the filthy streets just broke my heart…so many cigarette butts and takeaway containers and papers on the High Street and all around the Old Town. Are people simply not caring or is it cuts by councils with street cleaning/rubbish collection or a combination of both…or something else, I wonder?


    1. Yes you’re right. In late 50s/early 60s I would visit Paris and even as callow youths we noticed the dog poo and rubbish. Today London looks like its just finished a festival of litter.


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