KTS Corner

This must be the strangest ‘points’ on The Knowledge, a hardware shop located in one of North London’s busiest streets. Crucially it stands at the junction of Englefield Road, a major cut through for travelling west, hence Knowledge examiners expect you to know the exact location of this very eccentric shop.

Owner, Tony O’Kane has constructed some ingenious wooden designs and displayed them on the fascia above his window displays.

[M]ORE REMARKABLY is the three-sided clock above the door, its numbers on the dial replaced by representations of building materials designed by Tony.

No corporate colours of Homebase or B&Q, this is very much a family business, in fact, contrary to the popular belief that ‘KTS’ refers to Kingsland something, its name is derived from the initials of Tony’s three children: Katie, Toni, and Sean.

The shop is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave for the DIY enthusiast, with Tony on hand to offer advice, from the knowledge obtained as a qualified carpenter.

When the distinctive signs were removed for maintenance, there was an outcry with locals demanding they be reinstated, a story which even made the national press.

Many hardware shops have closed in recent years, victims of the Internet and the public too lazy to engage in a spot of DIY, hopefully, this little treasure will continue to be a ‘Point of Interest’ on The Knowledge for years to come.

Featured image: Hardware department counter in 1913-replica of the Co-operative Society Store at Beamish Museum which was moved from Annfield Plain in County Durham by Andrew Curtis (CC BY-SA

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