Lies, damned lies

and statistics . . .

There is more to a blog than just writing: design, load speed, and your Google ranking among others. One aspect that all ‘experts’ tell you to avoid is statistics, which means, of course, you become obsessive about your data. So for many this will be the most boring post of the year, but for the few, including this writer, these stats are compulsive reading.

[F]or all of you who have managed to stay awake thus far and are ready to devour all this information comprehensively amassed over the last year I’ve broken it down to bite sized chunks with a comparable figures for the previous year.

Blog visitors and page views
I would have stopped a nascent CabbieBlog back in January 2009 if nobody clicked onto the site. The numbers of visitors and page views have increased steadily, and for that I’m mighty proud, and dare I say it humbled?

Visitor views – 28,793
Page views – 55,212

Visitor views –  28,813
Page views – 55,126

CabbieBlog’s readers from abroad
Many of you might not be foreign, but simply ex-pats longing to reminisce of the good times spent sitting in the back of a London cab. The different countries represented by readers of CabbieBlog seem to be on an upward trend.

2014 – 129

2015 – 136

Number of comments
The yardstick of a blog must be how many of its readers decided to metaphysically put pen to paper and comment. To all of you a huge thank you for your encouragement or discouragement. Your comments keep me submitting posts for your perusal. Comments are slowly diminishing (apart from Nigerians offering to improve the apparent deficiency in my manhood) year-on-year seemingly diverted to Twitter, Facebook or whatever community you lot spend all your time chattering in these days. But at least what comment remains is intelligent, relevant and insightful. I’m delighted, obviously.

2014 – 103

2015 – 87

Followers of CabbieBlog
For those of you who can’t be bothered or don’t have the time, to check out my missives, you lot would have signed-up for regular e-mail updates or get a heads up from Bloglovin’ or WordPress. I can calculate how many time you have taken the trouble to read my rantings, but thanks for following CabbieBlog.

2014 – 115

2015 – 130

Posts written
This should be posts published as sometimes a Guest Post has been uploaded, and it would be appear you are rather good, last year’s most read post ‘Ten cheap alternatives to Uber’ was a guest post.

2014 – 109

2015 – 128


Most viewed and least viewed posts and pages
I has to be said that some subjects take on a life of their own while others just sit in cyberspace minding their own business. At the bottom of the table lie many posts with only one view a year, and some I suspect just sit there patiently waiting to be noticed.

Highest post
Tin Pan Alley 3,423
Lowest Post
Look behind you 1
Highest page
Green cab shelters 4,888
Lowest page
de Londoniens 31

Highest post
Ten cheap alternatives to Uber – 1,174
Lowest Post
Dear Diary . . . – 1
Highest page
Green cab shelters – 4,405
Lowest page
Pundon Calling – 4

Pages written
Once in a while I’ll get round to writing a page that remains visible permanently and not buried below the twice weekly posts. Here are the number pages I’ve been bothered to write recently.

2014 – 5

2015 – 4

Number of words written
I endeavour to keep posts down to 500 words, this I usually manage unless I come over all animated about the article’s subject matter.

Words – 59,959
Characters – 345,961

Words – 57,033
Characters – 330,413

Sitting in the back
I devote a page of CabbieBlog to my bums on seats and in the past I’ve enjoyed the company, among others, of John Hurt and Barbara Winsor. Unfortunately I wouldn’t recognise most sportsmen, or women, so they are not so faithfully recorded – although I did once see Boris Becker in the back.

Andrew Buchan (actor from Broadchurch)
Elizabeth Richard (actress – don’t know her? She’s the Queen lookalike often seen on adverts and the like)

Andrew Wilson (author and journalist, better known as A. N. Wilson)
Adam Boulton (journalist – Sky’s heavyweight)

In conclusion
Why it’s taken the best part of two months to gather this information is a matter for conjecturer. I say it is to give you comprehensive stats, although you might think I’ve just been lazy. One of London’s best bloggers Diamond Geezer has been compiling this sort of data for the best part of 10 years so if he can why not CabbieBlog getting off his backside and coming up with a few stats? Next year I’ll publish this riveting information earlier – if I get round to compiling it in time.

2 thoughts on “Lies, damned lies”

  1. Congratualtions. It takes a lot of fortitude to keep on writing and obviously you are still getting readers. Please don’t stop. I’m not an expat, just an Anglophile who loves hearing about London history and architecture. Write on, dear man.


    1. Thanks Anne for your encouragement

      According to WordPress I’ve just had my 7th anniversary using their platform, so I wouldn’t like to calculate the number of words and other statistics for the whole site.


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