Knowledge Newsletter

Today marks a new chapter in the life of CabbieBlog. Starting in March a monthly newsletter will be published giving information and insights into every aspect of the knowledge.

As a London cabbie I’m always being asked questions. It seems that everyone has an unending fascination with my occupation.

This view might be a rather myopic view of how Londoner’s think.

[I]t is borne out, in part, by the late left wing MP Tony Benn who would, when travellng in a cab, ask of the driver: “. . . and what did you do before becoming a cabbie?”

To increase an understanding of the trade the Knowledge Newsletter will be published monthly (there’s only so much information you want in your inbox) which hopefully will shine a light on the profession.

It will give some idea of the basic starting point and consideration you should give before embarking on The Knowledge: application; medicals; equipment; costs; the time you can expect to allocate to study; and how you will be examined.

Anecdotes from experienced cabbies and experiences from current Knowledge boys and girls will be welcome. For those of you who might already be embarking on The Knowledge, much will be known to you, but stick with it, it’s only one missive a month; the tales from the trade are worth that.

If you have any criticisms or contributions contact the Newsletter at Should you have an overwhelming desire to find out about London we post at CabbieBlog twice weekly miscellany.

Even if you, some might say sanely, have no intention of joining the ranks of the world’s finest taxi service the Knowledge Newsletter can provide a valuable resource for research or just curious interest.

In short (now for the boring bit) the Knowledge Newsletter will not send anything offensive, promote anything illegal, or harass anyone. You will not receive from CabbieBlog: pornography or other sexually explicit emails; emails offering to sell any goods or services; or any marketing or commercial email without permission.

You will already be on the mailing list if: you have opted in to receive the Knowledge Newsletter via a sign up form on the CabbieBlog website; have opted in to receive emails from CabbieBlog offline; have at some time contributed a Guest Post to CabbieBlog; a comment has been posted on CabbieBlog by you which has been acknowledged; or have requested an email update when posts on CabbieBlog become live.

We understand that you might not wish to continue to receive the Knowledge Newsletter. In that event you may unsubscribe at the bottom of the Newsletter when it alights upon your inbox.

If after all that you still want monthly updates you can sign up by going to The Knowledge page and entering your email address just under the post box.

What do you have to say for yourself?

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