Timesaver Apps For Londoners

Too busy to clean, to read, or to fight with the traffic jam? That’s the way it sometimes is in London, but mobile apps are making it easier than ever to get the most from your time. Below are five apps we’ve picked to help busy Londoners make the most of their commutes!

This Guest Post by Dian Liu suggests ways how nowadays there’s so many ways to managed your time.

Laundrapp – Free for iOS and Android
Ever hopped on the tube and realised you forgot to put the washing on? Us too, but now there’s an app for that. Laundrapp provides on-demand laundry and dry cleaning with free collection and delivery at a time that suits you, so now you can do the laundry on your way in to work. They’ll even deliver to the pub, if you want.

JINN – Free for iOS and Android
Ever felt next-day delivery is too slow? JINN aims to deliver any physical item you want within an hour. Payments are handled through the app so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash and the service is so flexible that it’ll be sure to meet your needs.

Pocket – Free for iOS and Android
Tired of not being able to browse the web when you’re on the tube? Pocket tidily saves all web links in one place so you can catch up, wherever you are. Now you can read what you want, where you want and make the most of your time.

London Bus Live Countdown – Free for iOS and Android
London Bus Timing Countdown provides remarkably accurate information about the London Bus Network. You know exactly when the next bus is coming and which direction its heading. Just take a glance and never bother whether to wait for the bus or start walking.

Tube Exits – £0.79p for iOS
Have a few minutes to kill before the next tube arrives? Use Tube Exits to figure out which carriage to get on if you want to arrive exactly next to the platform exit. It’ll save you about 10 minutes per journey and means you don’t need to tolerate the crowds of (ugh) tourists.

Photo: Man on Phone © Andrew Lancaster

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