Female London Cabbies

What is it really like being a female black cab driver?

Clegg Gifford interviewed Stella Wood to find out what life is like as a female cabby

Earlier this month, Clegg Gifford interviewed Stella Wood to dig deeper into the tips of the trade and find out why she decided to become a black cab driver. Fewer than 2 per cent of black cab drivers are women and intrigued by this statistic.

[C]legg Gifford sought to find out whether there were any issues that held women back from working in the black cab trade. Here are their findings.

Stella has been a black cab driver for 14 years and first decided to embark on ‘The Knowledge’ when a friend requested that she do it with her. Stella subsequently enjoyed ‘The Knowledge’ although at times found it tiresome and long-winded. She found the benefits of choosing her own working hours highly appealing though, especially as she had children who were dependent on her.

Stella typically works the night shift, starting at around 5pm and finishing at midnight or sometimes later. She often works weekends when business is more lucrative. Asked whether she’s ever felt intimidated, she answers that she doesn’t, but occasionally has uneasy feelings about some of the passengers who get into the back of her cab. On the whole though, she feels safe in her job and exercises caution. The flexible working hours more than make up for any negative aspects (such as the difficulty in arranging social meetings with friends who work regular office hours).

If you’d like to read the full interview with a female black cab driver then you can do so by visiting the Clegg Gifford blog. Clegg Gifford is a Lloyd’s broker and was founded in 1967 and has been arranging taxi insurance for over 40 years under the ‘Westminster’ brand name.

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