One for the road

Near Tower Bridge is an apartment block, well two in fact, and called The Circle. A road runs between these two crescent shaped buildings, and in the centre is a rather magnificent sculpture.

The life-size representation of a dray horse named ‘Jacob’ was lifted into place upon its plinth by helicopter in 1987.

It stands testament to the industry that once stood nearby.

[T]he Horseleydown Brewery was founded in 1787 by John Courage who had paid £615 for the building. Its curious name was taken from the parish of St. John Horseleydown.

The name Horseleydown derives its name from Horse-Lie-Down, when from the 16th Century horses would lie down before making the river crossing at London Bridge to enter the City.

The Courage Brewery stabled their horses upon the site and Jacob completed in 1987 by sculptress Shirley Page stands testament to their hard work and marks the spot where of the brewery’s stables.

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