Pundon Pride

Cabbieblog has scoured London for this, the second look at punning businesses in London.

Now I’ve started to look for them it is almost like I am being punished for something. Some are very clever while others, well are just pundamentally awful, in fact, they’re everywhere.

So here are even more hilarious and sometimes not so hilarious businesses.

Beddy Buys

Beddy Buyz – East Street. Situated at near the Elephant & Castle, if things couldn’t get any worst with a pink shopping centre along came Beddy Buyz. It might look like a closed-down ruin, but it’s still going strong. Note tiny ‘snores’ emerging from the Z. Photo from Shopfrontelegy.

Butty Boys

Buttyboys – Elm Street. This sandwich shop in Clerkenwell is opposite the Serious Fraud Office, need I say any more? Or is it Nightmare on Elm Street?

Cyclopaedia Cyclopedia – You can tell the Lycra Brigade are better educated than most with the name above this shop in Fulham. But a diphthong æ should really have been used chaps!

Deb-n-FairDeb-N-Hair – Upton Lane Forest Gate. Debby must be doing well with hair upmarket scissor shop in East London it now has a new shop front. I looked up the definition of debonair: Having a cheerful, lively and self-confident hair. That sounds about right.

Frame, set and match

Frame, Set & Match – Covent Garden. Not in Wimbledon this time but in the West End. I’m surprised they have the balls to give themselves such a name.

Rock & Sole Place

The Rock & Sole Plaice – Endell Street. This tourist trap near Covent Gardens is always packed with diners enjoying ‘authentic’ fish and chips. How many understand the fishy shop name I wonder.

Sam Widges Sam Widges – King’s Cross. Is this to mean Sam’s wedges or are his BLT’s more delicate?

Via-Agra Via-Agra – Clerkenwell. Forget Sam’s Widges these sandwiches will keep you energised throughout the day.

Past Caring Past Caring – Islington. When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, as they say. This lot clearly have given up. Photo: Home Girl London.

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