Best apps for London

[T]here was a time when passengers sitting in the back would strike up a conversation: “Did you see the game last night?” – No, I didn’t; “Will Arsenal win the cup?” – No, it won’t; “Have you had a good night?” – No, I haven’t. Usually repetitive but it did at least make the day more interesting.

Nowadays all I see is a blue ethereal glow illuminating my passenger’s face as they check out their phone, sometimes we go past their house so engrossed are they surfing, tweeting or e-mailing.

So as a service to everyone who spends more time on their phone than is healthy I have researched the best London apps:

London Pub Crawl


Jono and Troy have dedicated their time to find the best pubs, in their selfless pursuit for excellence they have produced a handy guide to all the best boozers, with location maps and reviews.


London Tube Map


I got fed up with trying to read the Underground map in the dark with station’s names printed in 4pt. This simple app displays a legible map, even if it does have annoying but necessary adverts.


London’s Best Coffee


With our coffee consuming culture this has got to be a must have for Londoners. There is more information about coffee houses than you could possible ask for, with over 150 independent cafes and stalls reviewed.


Black Plaques London


This is a personal favour of mine. Open it up and a map of London is showered with black pointers. Touch one and a narrative pops up telling of one of the dark moments in the Capital’s history, complete with photos and locations. You will learn a lot from this app currently offered at half price.


London Taxi Meter


I don’t know how they have done this but it works. Instead of asking a cabbie for an estimate of the fare, this little app calculates the price taking into consideration the time of day and what tariff is applicable.


Taxi Connect


Stuck in the back of beyond and in need of a cab? You could stand forlornly by the kerb waiting for one to come along or better still book a black cab from Radio Taxis.


Cabbie’s Mate


This one doesn’t come cheap and you at 1.56GB you should run it on an i-pad. But many cabbies are using this software (usually in a sat-nav device) and swear by it. Not only does it show the classic A-Z map it has thousands of places, clubs, stations and hotels, stored in its memory. Once you have selected your destination it draws a blue line along the map. There is also a standard Tom-Tom type sat nav.



British Film Locations


Based on British movies, this app shows you some of those memorable filming locations and let’s you photograph them (better if you are in the picture) great for some brilliant memories of London, particularly if you are a film buff.


Famous London


Famous London – See the stars! Discover London’s famous places! Don’t waste your money on expensive tours, well may be mine. This app is your guide to the glamorous side of London. John Lennon’s flat, Mick Jagger’s House, David Beckham’s childhood home, Freddie Mercury’s last mansion, Jimi Hendrix’s pad, Amy Winehouse’s home or the Bee Gee’s house.

What do you have to say for yourself?

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