Knowledgeable mnemonics


Knowledgeable mnemonics


By taking the first letters we have created:


The four streets that go from St. Leonard’s Terrace to South Kensington Junction – Walpole Street, Anderson Street, Sloane Avenue and Pelham Street.


Chelsea, Albert and Battersea Bridges.


The three respective roads they lead into said bridges – Chelsea Bridge Road, Oakley Street and Beaufort Street.


The following mnemonics can be used to help you remember the orders of certain London-based features.

We Have Water Below Moving Soft London Turds

Bridges across the Thames from west to east – Westminster, Hungerford, Waterloo, Blackfriars, Millennium, Southwark, London, Tower.

It was fortuitous that when they renamed the old Globe theatre in Shaftsbury Avenue to the Gielgud it didn’t spoil the mnemonic: Little Apples Grow Quickly Please; five theatres on the north side of Shaftesbury Avenue: Lyric, Apollo, Gielgud, Queens, Palace, and if you prefer, with a greengrocer’s apostrophe ‘s at the end you get the Shaftsbury Theatre.

Good For Dirty Women

Soho streets running north to south – Greek, Frith, Dean, Wardour.

London never admits court members bearing arms

The old gates of the City west to east Ludgate Newgate Aldersgate Cripplegate Moorgate Bishopsgate Aldgate.


The Dirty Dozen The twelve streets from Regent Street to Charing Cross Road that get you across Soho – well before they started CrossRail – Great Marlborough Street, Noel Street, Berwick Street, D’Arblay Street, Wardour Street, Hollen Street, Great Chapel Street, Fareham Street, Dean Street, Carlisle Street, Soho Square, Sutton Row.

2 thoughts on “Knowledgeable mnemonics”

  1. You can never know too much! When I was on the Knowledge in 1973, we also had NAC
    –the cut through from Haymarket to Lower Regent Street

    Norris, St Albans and Carlton streets respectively.

    Going down Haymarket, right Pall Mall and up St James’s St to get west was frowned upon!


    1. Going that way westbound and you would end up missing fares, and get stuck in the Mother of a bus jam in Lower Regent Street


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